1911 Census For England & Wales

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Searching the 1911 England & Wales Census

The 1911 census includes all individual households as well as prisons, workhouses, naval and merchant vessels. It also provides an approximate count of the homeless.

The 1911 census for England and Wales was taken on the night of Sunday the 2nd April 1911. The total population was declared to be about 35,000,000.

The 1911 census includes extra information that hasn't been seen in previous censuses.

  • You'll see details of which industry or service they are working in as well as details about your ancestors' marriage.
  • You'll see how long they have been married and how many children they have had within that marriage.
  • This includes the number of children still living and the number that died.

Winston Churchill can be found in the 1911 census. His occupation is listed as 'One of His Majesty's Principal Secretaries Of State'.

A small number of records from the 1911 census are missing or damaged, including some of the Enumerators’ Summary books, and a few household pages that sustained water damage. Also, as a protest against the government’s refusal to grant women the vote, the suffragettes organised a mass boycott of the 1911 census - some refused to fill in the form and recorded their protest on the household schedule, but some women stayed away from the family home all night so that they wouldn’t be listed, and these women are entirely untraceable via the census. There are estimated to be as many as several thousand women missing from the census records.